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Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Scorpio was well aquainted with the Lucha Libre style of Mexican wrestling he watched at the popular wrestling events throughout the region. Scorpio loved this style of wrestling and the traditions and honor of the masked competitors and the culturally deep reasons behind the honor of the mask. He knew, this was what he had wanted for himself.
At 18 years of age, Scorpio moved south of the border to be trained by a legend of LL style, Javier Guerrero. Upon completion of the incredibly ardous training, Scorpio was asked to design his own mask as all Lucha competitors are,but after much discussion and thought it was decided he would wear the masks of LL legends to continue the tradition of their masks and to honor his mentors.
Scorpio has taken his unique brand of Lucha Libre style and mixed with the American style of professional wrestling and has proven his value as a competitor in Mexico, Japan and many other parts of the world...And now back in the do the one thing he has done everywhere else...TO WIN GOLD. He is currently the NWC Cruiserweight Champion and ready to defend at any time.
There are many masks that Scorpio wears to honor the tradition he represents, the traditions of the blood, sweat, tears and the tradition of Lucha Libre Excellence.

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